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Polimix manufactures a wide range of polyurethane products, including custom orders based on customer drawings and/or samples. The main activities of "Polimix" are the restoration and production of elastic coatings from polyurethane and rubber, the restoration of the geometry of metal surfaces, metalworking, the protection of surfaces from aggressive environments, industrial repairs. Our customers are both large enterprises and small organizations in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and other European countries.

Our company offers to order and manufacture all polyurethane products necessary for your company for: 

  • woodworking industry;

  • power repair;

  • mechanical engineering;

  • light industry;

  • automotive industry;

  • mining industry;

  • pulp and paper industry;

  • construction and road equipment;

  • concrete industry;

  • ship repair and other industries.

Twenty years of experience of our employees allows us to work with high efficiency, quality assurance for all our work and using an individual approach. We are constantly introducing new cost-effective technologies, which gives us confidence in maintaining the achieved performance today and improving them in the future.      

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